SPARC is playing an important advocacy role in connection with many of the areas of its work such as, policy, research and programme interventions. to this day it has launched several progrmmes of which the following are the most notable.

♦ The establishment of a public media forum in collaboration with German Cultural Institute Colombo. the forum brings together journalists, concern citizens and academics to discuss critical issues in the country with a view to drawing attention of policy makers and the general public.

♦ The centre has initiated a series of dialogue workshops involving university students and academics. This programme is assisted by external resource persons as well as institutions like Fredrich Ebert Stiftung and Kondrad Adenauer Stiftung.

♦ Centre staff has collaborated with ILO and Jobs Net to develop National Action Plan to address issues of youth unemployment in the context of a National Employment Policy for Sri Lanka.

♦ The director of the Centre has been involved with the Ministry of Youth Affairs to develop a National Policy on youth.

♦ The centre staff members are currently exploring possibilities for collaboration between SPARC and relevant public institutions