SPARC, UOC team leads work package two which entails the exploration of the extent to which pandemic threats are integrated within national and local Disaster Risk Reduction strategies. The team has been carrying out an extensive review of literature pertaining to Disaster Risk Reduction and preparedness planning for pandemics and other biological hazards in Sri Lanka.

Initially, attention was paid to global and national level policies, plans and frameworks of Disaster Risk Reduction cum preparedness planning for biological hazards. However, as per the suggestions of the project lead and other partners, UOC team has begun to delve into regional and local level policing and planning pertaining Disaster Risk Reduction and biological hazards.

SPARC UOC team intends to conduct interviews with key informants from relevant fields including the disaster management, health and private sectors of the country to gather further data on said aspects and on- going pandemic preparedness and prevention measures taken at the national and local levels in the country. This database will be used to develop a briefing paper and a policy dialog on current status and recommendations on the integration of pandemics within the national/local DRR strategies; produce high quality, peer reviewed multi- institution, multi-disciplinary journal papers in high-impact journals and give oral presentations in leading international conferences.


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