ASCENT is a project which aims to address R&I capacity strengthening for the development of societal resilience to disasters – supporting training, skills, leadership development, international collaboration and university-industry partnerships. It has strengthened the ability of partner Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to respond to their research needs in disaster resilience. ASCENT has been empowering individuals and organisations with the skills, competencies and credentials needed to continue to pursue research and to lead research at institutions in partner countries, aimed at reducing the impact of disasters. It has enhanced the capacities of the partner HEIs in Asia to meet the challenges and specific needs that characterize with R&I within the context of disaster resilience. over the past 3 years.

ASCENT FESTIVAL will demarcate the termination of the project which will be effective from January 2019. Therefore, the ASCENT FESTIVAL will be comprised of a series of events including an international conference on ‘Capacity building for research and innovation in disaster resilience’, presentation session on findings of the ASCENT project, training programs, panel discussions, field visits, a gala dinner followed by the final ASCENT steering committee wrap up meeting.

ASCENT FESTIVAL is organized by the University of Colombo and the University of Moratuwa in partnership with ASCENT project. ASCENT is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme – European Commission. Contact Us on for further information!


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